Must-Have Zune Accessories

You've bought a Zune. Congratulations! So now what's next?

Why, Zune accessories, of course! Your Zune works just fine by itself. But in order to give you best possible music experience, your Zune is going to need some help.

Zune accessories featured on this page:


You'll find many great accessories available. But do you really need them all?

No! Absolutely not!

You could go broke trying to buy everything. So resist the temptation. Even though I know you want to.

I'll walk you through the accessories you really need. It all depends on what you plan to do with your Zune.

Below you'll find the most common scenarios where you'll need your Zune to be on it's best behavior. Actually you'll need the Zune in order to be on your best behavior!

Travelin' Man: Travelling with your Zune

Lord, I was born a travelin' man, that's all I'll ever be.

Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote this back in 1976. But this describes me today.

What about you? Do you love travelling? If so, this ones for you.

Picture this...

Your first vacation in 5 years. The boss finally gave into your vacation request. (That #@*&$!)

Tickets to Jamaica booked. Counting down the days.

You feel like you are there already.

Warm weather. Cool ocean breezes. Turquoise blue water. White sandy beaches. Beautiful people. Non-stop fruity rum cocktails. Parties late into the night.

Wait a minute...

WHOOPS! You forgot your Zune! Rewind...

The boss makes you pull an all-nighter the day before you leave. (That #@*&$!)

Groggy-eyed you make it to the airport in time. Only to find out your plan is grounded for 6 hours due to mechanical trouble.

Even worst you were stuck inside the plane for 2 of those 6 hours!

You get to Jamaica only to find out the hotel messed up your reservation. Luckily they are accommodating. They set up a tent for you on the beach.

It's worst. Two days in you are hit with a category 5 hurricane which pretty much ruins the rest of your vacation. (It can't help that tents don't do too well in hurricanes.)

No, it actually does get worst. The airport doesn't re-open for another week. Means you are delayed getting home and are a week late for work.

And you guessed it. The boss fires you. (That #@*&$!)

Now you know how important the Zune is to a great vacation - remember to take it with you! You have been warned.

And you'll also need some additional Zune accessories to make sure Bob Marley stays with you for your entire trip.

First you'll need some protection. (No, it's not what you're thinking.) A broken Zune is of no use to you. The Zune gear bag does a great job of protecting your Zune. And it also doubles up as a storage container to keep the rest of your Zune accessories neatly organized.

Next you'll need a way to keep your Zune's battery charged. A dead Zune is also a vacation killer. Keep the reggae flowing with a Zune charger.

And don't forget your Zync sync cable. Your charger will be lost without it.

Great headphones are an absolute must. Unfortunately the included earbuds just won't cut it when it comes to travelling. Pay the price now and invest in a pair of noise-isolating Zune headphones. Or pay the later with a trip to the ear doctor.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a travel pack that took care of all the details for you? You already have enough to worry about with the rest of your travel arrangements.

Good news, there is! Check out the Zune travel pack. It comes with all the Zune accessories you need for travelling. At a great price!

Ok, that's all you need for a great vacation. Have fun! Ok, maybe that's not all you need. A extra pair of underwear can't hurt either.

Travelin' Band: Enjoying your Zune on the road

Well, I'm flyin' across the land.
Trying to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band!

Most of us aren't as lucky as the Credence Clearwater Revival.

But we do have to spend a lot of time in our car getting to and from work.

The Zune is an essential car companion to help those miles fly by. Especially in traffic!

Unfortunately a silent Zune is worse company than AM talk radio. To actually hear it, you'll need some help. Check out the Zune Car Pack, an absolute must-have Zune accessory.

If you are not relying on an FM transmitter to hear tunes from your Zune, you still might need a way to keep it charged. Luckily, the Zune Car Charger is available as a stand-alone accessory.

For additional Zune car audio solutions, including what NOT to do, click here.

C'mon lets go Space Truckin'!

By the way, both Travelin' Band and Space Truckin' are on Rolling Stones 25 Best Road Trip Songs Ever. Click here to see what else made the list.

Stayed tuned for more adventures with Zune, coming soon.

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