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by B Arnold
(Pendleton, TX. USA)

Do I need a program to add audiobooks to my Zune to listen to the chapters in correct order? Even if I manually correct them in the program they still do not play in turn.

Thank you


The Zune supports audiobooks from and

Depending on which format you choose, you will have to download their software to sync their audiobooks to your Zune. You cannot sync audiobooks to your Zune via the Zune software.

Click here to download the Audible Manager >>

Click here to download the Overdrive Media Console >>

Once you sync an audiobook to your Zune via any of the two software programs listed above, a new audiobooks menu will appear on your Zune. Use this menu to start listening to your audiobooks.

Make sure that the Zune software is not running while you are syncing audiobooks via the Audible Manager or Overdrive Media Console. Otherwise you may get an error saying your Zune is connected to another program.

You must also delete audiobooks from your Zune using the Audible or Overdrive software.

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