Zune Car Charger

The Zune car charger is exactly that - it charges your Zune in your car. Duh!

It is an optional accessory and by itself does not make the cut for my must-have Zune accessory list.

Still, you should consider it if:

  • You are on the road a lot and need to keep your Zune charged to keep it from running out of juice.

  • You don't need an FM transmitter to listen to your Zune in your car.

Zune Car Charger Zune Car Charger

If you do require an FM transmitter to listen to your Zune in your car, definitely check out the car pack instead. A more useful and much better product, in my humble opinion.

And even if you don't require an FM transmitter, do try it. You just might change your mind.

Money Saver Tip: Before you buy the car charger, also look into the Zune car pack v1. It bundles the Zune car charger with the Zune FM transmitter. Sometimes you'll find this available at a lower price. You actually get more for less. I know it doesn't make sense, but hey, I'm not complaining!

But I digress. Back to the charger...

The official Zune car charger is available only as a v1 accessory. Microsoft did not decide to ship an update to the standalone car charger.

Zune Car Charger - Car View
The Zune car charger, doing what it does best - charging my Zune!.

It basically does what it is supposed to. It is also built with high quality and feels very sturdy.

It comes with a thick coiled wire which keeps things neat and tidy in your car. It's just long enough such that your Zune can comfortably rest on the passenger seat.

The power connector comes with a light which turns on when it's charging. Just plug it into your power outlet and you're all set.

Zune Car Charger - Plugged In
A close up of the power connector connected to the power outlet in my car. You can see the green charging light and Zune logo.

Zune Car Charger - Zune Attached
Up close and personal with my Zune during a charging session. You can see the bigger v1 connector. Unfortunately no v2 of the charger was released.

Tip: Remember to unplug the charger from your car's power outlet when you are not using it. Otherwise it will continue to drain power from your car battery.

Tip 2: Save the plastic connector tip and make sure to use it when you are not charging your Zune. This will protect the connector from any damage and ensure your charger lives a long and healthy life.

You'll find several cheaper knock off car chargers that will work with your Zune. Resist the temptation!

At best, most of them will not last very long. They tend to fall apart within a couple of months of heavy use. At worst, they could damage your Zune or your car's electrical system. Not worth it!

For a few extra dollars buy the official charger. Remember...you get what you pay for.

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