The Best Armband Zune Case

Your Zune is your most important workout partner. The Belkin neoprene armband Zune case allows a convenient way to take it with you when you are working out.

Let's face it. Without music, none of us would work out. I know I wouldn't. Whether I'm pounding the pavement or pumping iron, music keeps me motivated.

Needless to say, my Zune is my partner in

But it's not always convenient to carry my Zune when I'm working out. Not all my gym clothes have pockets. And even when they do, I don't like having a precious object like my Zune in them. It just doesn't feel safe. The last thing I want out of my workout is to break my Zune!

An armband is the perfect solution for carrying your Zune safely while working out.

When it comes to armbands, you have several choices. Most of them are cheap silicone cases that include a detachable armband. They'll probably do the trick. But unfortunately, the velcro of cheap armbands will start to fuzz and lose grip after some time. Not to mention silicone cases just don't look good.

Ok, I'm being nice. They look UGLY!

And while function is important to me, style is just as important. I like looking good when I'm working out, especially at the gym. Do you?

If yes, read on...

Out of all the armband solutions available for the Zune, I've found the Belkin neoprene armband to be the best option.

Before buying the Belkin, I used a generic Case Logic armband. So I'll use it as a reference point when describing the Belkin.

Case Logic and Belkin side-by-side
The Case Logic and Belkin armbands, side-by-side. You can see the Case Logic is bigger and bulkier.

My first impression was that the Belkin was compact. Downright small. Both in terms of thickness as well as size. My Case Logic is a lot bulkier because it has a lot more padding and a broader armband.

The Case Logic armband is also bigger since it has to accomodate mp3 players of different sizes. The Belkin is slimmer since it's optimized for the exact size of your Zune. You have two different sizes - one for the Zune 4/8/16 and the other for the Zune 80/120 .

The Belkin Zune case has a see-through plastic protective front. You have full visibility of the screen and all controls. My Case Logic had a padded front that did not give any access to my Zune.

Belkin Zune Case Front View
The front view of the Belkin Zune case. The see-through plastic front protects the screen while giving easy access to all controls, without having to remove the Zune from the case.

I really like the ability to see what's playing on my Zune without having to remove it from the case. With my Case Logic this was not possible.

I'm even more impressed that all the controls work without having to remove the Zune from the Belkin.

Yes, you heard me!

I was able to turn on my Zune, use the Zune pad to cycle through the menus, select the song view, shuffle all the songs and adjust the volume. All without removing the Zune from the case!

Did I mention I'm impressed?

Inserting the Zune into the armband was simple. There is a slit on the top. It was not excessively tight. At the same time, you don't have to worry that your Zune will fall out. Just in case you flip upside down while working out.

Belkin Zune Case Back View
The back view of the Belkin Zune case. There is a slit at the top where you insert the Zune.

Belkin Zune Case Back - Another View
Another back view of the Belkin Zune case. Here the Zune is fully inserted into the armband.

Belkin Zune Case Top View
The top view of the Belkin Zune case with the Zune inside. Notice easy access to the hold switch.

There is a little hole at the bottom where you insert your headphones into the headphone jack. The headphone jack lines up perfectly so it's not a struggle to hook up your headphones.

Belkin Zune Case Bottom View
The bottom view of the Belkin Zune case. A hole exposes the headphone jack.

Belkin used very high quality material in this armband. The neoprene is very flexible. The velcro feels durable and should last a long time. The color is black with grey accents and gives it an expensive look.

On the side you'll find a slot which can hold a small key. It's not big enough to hold a car key. But it should work perfectly for a gym locker key.

Belkin Zune Case Key Pocket
The armband contains a key pocket. This is a convenient place to store a small key like your gym locker key. But it's not big for a car key. Note: In the picture I show the key only half inserted. It actually goes all the way in, so it's not sticking out.

After I finish working out, I remove my Zune from the armband since I take it with me to work. I have no trouble removing it from the armband.

If there is one drawback, I would say that the armband might be a little small for some people. It fit me perfectly. But I have read some people complain that it was too small for them.

Belkin Zune Case Arm View
Here you see the Belkin Zune case strapped tightly to my arm.

Note that the armband looks smaller than it really is. You need to make sure to really stretch it tight before you close it. The first time, I didn't do this and the armband slipped off after some time. The next time, I made it much tighter and then it stayed put for the rest of my workout. Also note that even though it was tight, it did not feel uncomfortable and did not restrict my blood circulation. I had no trouble doing bicep curls. The material is very stretchy. This keeps it in place without restricting any arm movements.

My personal observation is that it should fit most people. You'll have to have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger for this Zune case to not fit you. Then again, if you have arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you shouldn't complain! I would love to have THAT problem!

You won't really know if the armband fits you unless you try it. So go ahead and try it! If it doesn't fit, then you can always return it.

The DLO Action Jacket The DLO action jacket is a great alternative if you own a 30 GB Zune.

I missed one minor detail. If you have a Zune 30, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Belkin does not manufacture an armband that fits the Zune 30. Not to worry. The DLO Action Jacket is a great alternative in this case.

Overall, I highly recommend Belkin neoprene armband Zune case if you're looking for a durable armband. It will keep your Zune safe and keep you looking great while you work out.

Tip: If you have a Zune pass (and there is no reason not to), make sure to check out the Fitness channels. You have different channels designed for running, walking and jogging. The Run channel has the fastest pace with Jog and Walk progressively slower. I've subscribed to the Run channel and use it regularly to work out.

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