The Incipio Dermashot Zune Case

If you are looking for a cheap Zune case that provides protection without cramping your style, the Incipio Dermashot is worth a closer look.

While the Speck is the best protective case, it is a bit expensive. The Incipio Dermashot is a great alternative to consider if you want to save some $$$, yet still get some decent protection for your Zune.

The Dermashot is a silicone case. I mention on the Zune armband page that I hate silicone cases because they look ugly.

However, the Dermashot does a decent job at looks because it's available in five funky colors for the 4/8/16 GB Zune - magenta , olive green , black , burnt orange and little blue box blue (it's also available in clear , but that looks ugly so I don't consider it as an option, neither should you!).

If you own an 80/120 GB Zune, you have fewer color choices - choose from burnt orange , gray or clear . Or maybe not clear.

And if you own a 30 GB Zune, Incipio makes a silicone case in blue and pink . They don't call it the Dermashot, but I can't tell the difference.

Incipio Dermashot Zune Case - Front View
The front view of the Incipio Dermashot Zune case. I ordered magenta, but it looks more "pink" to me! Notice the raised control covers. This makes the controls a bit difficult to use.

Incipio Dermashot Zune Case - Back View
The back view of the Incipio Dermashot Zune case.

I ordered Magenta. It looks nothing like the picture on Amazon (where it appears maroon), but instead more like a "hot pink". It wasn't what I was expecting, but my daughter was thrilled with it (Pink's her favorite color).

This means the other colors may look different as well - buyer beware!

It's not easy to get your Zune in-and-out of the Dermashot, but it's not as difficult as with the Speck. With some practice, I've actually become quite proficient at it.

Just like the Speck, the Dermashot covers all the Zune controls. However, unlike the Speck, the control covers are raised so there is no contact of the silicone on the buttons/pad. This makes them even more difficult to use than with the Speck.

The buttons are still usable. Just remember to press harder.

But the Zune pad is quite difficult to use. Just like with the Speck, if you use your index finger over the Zune pad instead of your thumb, you'll get better results (though not as good as with the Speck).

You just might want to pull out that X-Acto knife and slice away the covers here too.

Incipio Dermashot Zune Case - Top View
The top view of the Incipio Dermashot Zune case. You have easy access to the hold switch.

Incipio Dermashot Zune Case - Bottom View
The bottom view of the Incipio Dermashot. You can charge your Zune without removing it from the case.

The Dermashot does not come with a belt clip or armband. It's more "figure hugging" than the Speck. This makes it more compact and a little more convenient to slip into your pocket. With a purse or backpack, the extra bulk of the Speck is not an issue.

Also, note that the Dermshot will provide the same protection against scratches and dings as the Speck. But don't drop your Zune! It will provide only minimal drop protection (but it's probably better than dropping a naked Zune).

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for! For complete protection, consider the Speck case.

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