The Speck Zune Case - Your "Best Case Scenario"

A dragon or a scorpion? Either way, this Zune case will give your Zune the protection it needs, to withstand the toughest of conditions!

I just love the tagline from Speck...

"Best Case Scenario"

Best Case Scenario
Speck, the "Best Case Scenario" - I agree!

And after examining their case, I agree. It really is the best case scenario for your Zune.

If your Zune is damaged while in a Speck case, then I really don't think it would have survived in anything else.

The box also says "Ruggedized Protection". Ruggedized means "modified to be more rugged, and to withstand rough treatment". If a soldier is carrying a Zune with him to war, you know he'll have it in a Speck Zune case. It definitely looks as if it was designed by the military.

In addition to scratches and dings, the Speck is the only Zune case out there that gives me the confidence of protection from drops. In some ways this is the most important, since dings will not break your Zune, but drops certainly can.

If I had to describe it, it looks as if it were crafted from a rubber tire (a military vehicle tire, of course!). The rubber is quite thick and the raised ridges around the case act like shock absorbers protecting your Zune when it eventually decides to jump out of your hand.

Speck Zune Case - Front View
Front view of the Speck Zune case. Notice the covers over the buttons and the Zune pad. You can see they are slightly lower than the rest of the case.

Speck Zune Case - Back View
Back view of the Speck Zune case. You can see the circle where you attach the belt clip.

Getting the Zune in and out is not a trivial task. There is a slit at the bottom where you insert the Zune into the case. But it's a minute of struggling before it finally gets in all the way. At least you are sure that once it's in, it will stay in!

All the player controls (the back and play/pause buttons as well as the Zune pad) are covered with a thinner layer of rubber. While this provides protection, it makes it a bit difficult to use the controls.

The buttons are not difficult to press, however the Zune pad is difficult to use. It's hit and miss - sometimes you achieve the desired response while other times nothing will happen. This is because the rubber does not achieve consistent contact with the Zune pad. It can get frustrating.

However, I've noticed that if I use my index finger, instead of my thumb, I'm able to use the Zune pad reasonably well.

If this does not work for you, another simple solution is to cut out the Zune pad cover using a blade or X-Acto knife. This is perfectly fine, since the rest of the case is raised above the level of the Zune pad so it will still be protected.

Speck Zune Case - Top View
Top view of the Speck Zune case. You have easy access to the hold switch.

Speck Zune Case - Bottom View
Bottom view of the Speck Zune case. You can charge the Zune without removing it from the case.

The case also comes with a detachable belt clip. The clip is made of a hard, see-through plastic. You can see the springs and metal inside the plastic. This gives it a futuristic look.

The belt clip is easy to both attach and detach it. It snaps tightly into place and there is a switch which you press to detach it.

Speck Zune Case - Belt Clip
The detachable belt clip.

Speck Zune Case - belt clip view from the top
Here is a view of the back with the belt clip attached. Notice the clip is quite big when compared to the size of the case.

Speck Zune Case - belt clip view from the side
Here is another view from the side with the belt clip attached. It gives a good idea of how big the belt clip really is.

Other drawbacks...

  • The Speck case is available in two great colors: black and black. Normally this is not a problem. I like my coffee and my Zune black, but I would prefer to have some additional color choices for my case.

  • The case seems to attract lint. I'm not sure why this is, but the dust particles are more noticeable on black.

  • It's a bit expensive.

The Scorpion protects your Zune if it's a 4/8/16 GB model. If it's a 80/120 GB Zune, then you have the Dragon to protect it. Speck makes up for it's lack of colors with the creative names for it's cases! With a scorpion protecting my Zune 8, I feel all warm and fuzzy!

Speck isn't so creative with the name for it's 30 GB case. It's called the Toughskin.

Overall, the Speck Zune case is the top of the line when it comes to choosing a protective Zune case. If you are looking for protection, you won't find anything better.

Next Steps

Unfortunately, as of this writing, I could longer find the Speck Scorpion for the 4/8/16 GB Zune. Perhaps it is no longer available.

Find out more about the Speck Dragon for the 80/120 GB Zune.

Find out more about the Speck Toughskin for the 30 GB Zune.

For a cheaper alternative, consider the Incipio Dermashot.

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