Zune Cases Uncovered

Zune cases provide both protection and style. We "uncover" the different types here. One or more are sure to meet your needs.

Don't wait till you get a call from the clothing police!

You don't plan on letting your Zune run around naked, do you? Choose one (or two!) of these cases and cover it up.

Quick! Before you get a call from the clothing police!

Give some serious consideration to one or more cases for your Zune. Not only will you pimp your style, you'll give your Zune some protection against scratches and dings.

"But there are so many choices out there! Where do I start?"

This page describes the major categories and should get you going in the right direction.

"But looking through lots of Zune cases will give me a headache. I hate shopping!"

Relax. I've already gone through them all and hand-picked the one or two you should consider in each category.


No more BUTS! Just read on and you can thank me later!

"Do the clothing police really exist?"

I said, READ ON...

Here are the major categories of Zune cases, in no particular order. Go through them all and see which one matches your (or more appropriately, your Zune's) lifestyle.

Armband Zune cases

An armband is a must-have Zune accessory, if you do any kind of exercise at all.

And of course you exercise, right?

"Of course!"

Exercise is 10 times more fun with music. And a 100 times more fun with a Zune. And a 1000 times more fun with a Zune pass.

Take your Zune with you to the gym (or on the road, bike, or ski slopes) with an armband Zune case.

Of all the armband Zune cases, only the Belkin neoprene armband gets the World-of-Zune seal of approval.

But no, don't surf with your Zune! This armband is not waterproof. If you're a surfer, you'll just have to settle with the music of the waves to keep you company.

Protective Zune cases

Have you dropped your Zune yet?

"No. I'm SUPER careful!"

No matter how careful you are, you'll drop your Zune. And when you do, don't come crying to me that it broke.

"No I won't drop my Zune. I'm not as clumsy as you are. Buzz off!"

Suit yourself.

A protective Zune case is a cheap insurance policy for your Zune. There are two levels of protection you can buy.

Level 1: Basic

If you are looking for basic coverage only, the Incipio Dermashot is a great silicone case to consider. It provides good protection against scratches and dings, and might save your Zune from a fall or two as well.

And unlike other silicone cases, it comes in five funky colors which is always "a good thing". Martha Stewart would approve.

Level 2: The Kitchen Sink

No, I'm not asking you to put your Zune in the kitchen sink.

If you are looking for complete protection for your Zune, nothing will protect it quite like the Dragon or Scorpion from Speck.

If you are stationed in Afghanistan, then it's a must-have.

But you don't need to go to war to make good use of this case. If you are any bit as clumsy as I am, this case will pay itself back in no time!

Leather Zune Cases

Unless you are a member of PETA, a leather Zune case is sure to appeal to you.

When it comes to style, you'll find leather a popular choice, from bikers all the way to the boardroom.

And for good reason. Nothing communicates a classy (or tough!) image quite like black leather.

"But I can't afford a leather case. It's too expensive!"

Don't worry about price. Leather always looks expensive, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Incipio makes two great leather cases that are high on style but low on price.

Choose from the Incipio leather wallet or the Incipio leather flip case. Either one is sure to please.

And as a bonus, leather cases do a great job with protection as well. Well worth the small investment.

The Zune gear bag

"Wait a minute. That's not a case! Isn't that more like a gym bag for my Zune?"

No! Quite the contrary. The Zune gear bag is certainly a case for your Zune. It's semi-hard top it offers unbeatable protection. With the added benefit of being able to store additional accessories, so you always have them with you.

And you won't believe the price. They're practically giving it away for free!

"Sounds great! So what's the catch?"

It's bulky. Definitely not something you can carry around in your pocket. But it works as a great storage case so you can actually find your gear when you need it!

"Cool! Where can I learn more?"

You can learn all about the Zune gear bag here.

"Do I really need a case for my Zune?"

Only you can answer that question.

But if you answered "yes", hopefully this page saved you countless hours of research and $$$ and got you back to enjoying your Zune.

With the added peace of mind that your Zune is now in good hands.

Even if your hands are as clumsy as mine.

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