The Best Zune Charger Is...

Before I show you the best Zune charger, you must answer the following question...

Q: Which of the following statements about charging your Zune is true?

  • Your Zune needs to be charged.
  • Your Zune does not come with any other charging option other than plugging it into a computer's USB port using the included sync cable.
  • Some older computers do not have enough juice to be able to charge your Zune.
  • All of the above.

If you picked D, then you passed the test. And if you picked A, B or C, then please read this page extra carefully before you attempt to charge your Zune. We don't want either of you to get hurt!

Charging Your Zune

The primary charging option for a Zune is plugging it into your computer's USB port. This is a great option especially since you need to do this anyway in order to transfer any music to it.

But in many cases you might not have access to a computer. Or you are travelling and you don't want to take your laptop with you. With the hassles of getting through security at the airport nowadays, I don't blame you.

In this case you need a Zune charger. This is also known as a Zune AC adapter. It is specifically used for charging your Zune from a power outlet.

It will not help you if you want to charge your Zune in your car. For this you'll need a DC adapter.

Back to AC adapters...

Technically any AC adapter with a USB port will work as a Zune charger. It must be rated for 5V and 1A. Anything higher and you can kill your Zune. And last I checked you will be charged with second degree Zune-slaughter. So please be careful.

Having said that, it's best to stick with Zune branded chargers. They are available at a very reasonable price. And I've read many horror stories of people frying their Zunes by using other chargers. So there is just no reason to not use a Zune charger.

Zune Chargers

There are two Zune branded chargers available. I recommend the Zune AC Adapter v2. But either of them is a fine choice. They both come with their pros and cons. Ultimately which one you select will be depend on what's most important to you.

Zune AC Adapter v1
Zune AC Adapter v1

Zune AC Adapter v2
Zune AC Adapter v2

Zune AC Adapter v1

This is the first generation Zune charger that came out when the Zune was originally released.

  • It will charge your Zune to 90% in 2 hours and to 100% in 3 hours.

  • It is a little bulky.

  • The prongs are not collapsible. However, it comes with a plastic cover for the prongs which will protect them from breaking. And prevent them from tearing your clothes in your suitcase.

  • Since a newer improved model of the charger is available, this one can be bought at a deep discount.

Zune AC Adapter v2

This is a newer model with many improvements over the v1 adapter.

  • It is 50% smaller than the v1 charger. Much better for travelling.

  • It is almost twice as fast. It can charge your Zune to 90% in 1 hour and 100% in 2 hours.

  • It's prongs are collapsible. This makes it more compact and easier to travel with.

  • But of course there is a catch. It's more expensive than the v1 model. But still very affordable.

Bottom line...

If you want the best charger, go with the v2 Zune charger. And if you want the cheapest option, go with the v1 model. Either way, you won't go wrong.

Important: Both of these chargers need a Zune sync cable. And neither come with one. So remember to take yours with you. Or even better, get a spare. Trust me, an extra Zune sync cable is very handy.

Before you buy, consider these alternatives...

Zune Travel Pack
Zune Travel Pack

Zune Starter Accessory Kit V2
Zune Starter Accessory Kit V2

  • If you are considering the Zune AC Adapter v1 also be sure to check out the Zune Travel Pack. You get the v1 charger along with several other accessories at a great price.

  • The Zune Starter Accessory Kit gives you the Zune AC Adapter v2, a Zune Sync cable and the Zune Car Pack v2, in a single package.

    The car pack will allow you to charge your Zune in your car. It also doubles up as an FM transmitter which allows you listen to your Zune through your car stereo.

    Before you buy, be sure to check the prices of these items invidually. I know it's wierd but sometimes you'll get a better deal this way.

Going Global

All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU
All-in-One Travel
Power Plug Adapter
for US, UK, EU, AU

Both of the Zune chargers described above have prongs designed for US power outlets. They'll work in Japan too.

But if you are planning on visiting Europe or other Asian countries you'll need an adapter plug. Otherwise you're charger is not going to do you any good.

A great option is this all-in-one travel adapter plug by HDE. It is compact, inexpensive and works in 150 countries. It also includes surge protection. Perfect for us international travelers!

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