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The Zune dock comes with the dock, three dock plates (Zune 30, Zune 120 & 80, and Zune 4,8, and 16), and an AC adapter. The dock comes with the cord connected, so you can't disconnect it, but that's ok. I have been using the dock with my Zune HD, so I'm not sure how it performs with regular Zunes.


On the dock, you have an audio out jack, and three component outputs (green,red, and blue). You also have your Zune dock connector on the top.


The dock does what it's supposed to do, it charges your Zune and plays music. Plus, it's easy to grab and go! And I can just connect my sound system to it and play music! It's great!


The one biggest con I have with my Zune HD, is that I can't play radio! This REALLY annoys me, since I'm a big radio fan. But other than that, I can see no cons. I don't have a remote and I never tried the component hook up, but I'm sure that will work perfectly.


If you need to charge you Zune or listen to music in style, this dock is for you. It does most basic things, and is worth the buy.

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