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A Zune DVD converter allows you to convert your entire home DVD library into movies that you can watch on your Zune or Zune HD.

Why pay good money for movies your already own just so that you can watch them on your Zune?

Download a free trial of a DVD to Zune converter here.

This week I'm planning on visiting Dallas and Austin to spend Thanksgiving with family. I'll be travelling with my wife and three year old daughter.

We managed to get a direct flight from Orange County to Dallas but even a four and a half hour flight can seem like an eternity when you're travelling with a toddler (or should I say preschooler — time sure flies!).

The last time we went on a long flight (to Tampa, FL) we invested in a portable DVD player. My wife and I bought one for $99 from Costco thinking it would be a good investment. We used it on the flight to and from Tampa to keep my daughter busy.

Last week, as I was preparing for the Texas trip, we tried to find the portable DVD player. We searched our entire house but we just couldn't find it. How frustrating! I was debating between buying a new one or trying to keep my daughter occupied some other way during the flight. Neither option felt good to me.

Then suddenly I hit upon a great idea.

Why not use my new Zune HD as a portable DVD player during the flight? After all, it's specially designed to allow you to watch movies!

(Whether I'd be able to trust my 3 year old with a Zune HD is a completely different story!)

The next thing I needed was a couple of movies. Two should be fine — one for the flight to Texas and one for the return trip. Where could I find two good Zune movies suitable for my daughter?

First option — the Zune Marketplace.

The problem? There were no good movies that my daughter would enjoy.

Next option — iTunes.

At least iTunes has movies that my daughter would enjoy. Finding Nemo was available for $14.99. I couldn't find Madagascar, but Monsters Inc. was also available for $14.99.

I just recently invested in DRM removal software that would allow me to buy a movie from iTunes and convert it such that I could watch it on my Zune HD.

Aimersoft Zune DVD Converter
Converting a DVD to Zune is as easy as 1-2-3-4 — With 3 & 4 being optional steps, it's really just a two step process!

Then it struck me. Wait a minute!

Is there a way I could take a movie I already own on DVD? How do I convert DVD to Zune? I need a Zune DVD converter!

I searched around a bit and found the Aimersoft DVD to Zune Converter. I was able to download a free trial and test it before I bought it.

I found it to be exactly what I was looking for. In a couple of quick and easy steps I was able to convert my DVD to WMV format, optimized for my Zune HD.

DVD to Zune Formats
You can choose either WMV or MP4 formats optimized for Zune, Zune 2 or Zune HD.

The trial version of the Zune DVD converter allowed me to do a full conversion. It just left a big watermark on the video to ensure that I actually bought the software. But I was able to test out the DVD to Zune conversion to see if I was happy with the output quality. It was excellent.

I was using a 64-bit Windows Vista PC and I was happy to find that the software worked great on it. Of course works on 32-bit Windows PCs too.

DVD to WMV Conversion
You can see the time remaining, a preview of the video and how much of the file is converted/remaining.

The first DVD I ripped was Madagascar. It's a 1 hour and 26 minute long movie. The WMV version optimized for the Zune HD took 2 hours and 34 minutes to convert and the file size was 2.55 GB.

The second DVD I ripped was Finding Nemo. It's 100 minutes long. The Zune HD version took 3 hours and 29 mintues to rip and the output WMV file was 3 GB.

There are lots of advanced features like adjusting brightness and contrast, adding subtitles, changing the audio volume, trimming, cropping and more. I didn't use any of them this time around, but I'm sure they'll come handy in the future.

Overall I was really happy with the results and highly recommend this Zune DVD converter if you're looking to rip DVD to Zune.

I was also happy that I did not have to keep the software running in the foreground while the conversion took place. Most DVD rippers copy the video as it's playing and some of them require the software to be running in the foreground for the video to be captured correctly.

But the Aimersoft Zune DVD converter was able to do this while running in the background. This was very useful since I was copying the DVD on my work computer and couldn't have someone stop by and see Nemo on my screen!

You can download a free trial copy of the Aimersoft Zune DVD converter here. If you like what you see you can purchase it for $29.95.

That's the price of just two of the movies I was looking at purchasing from iTunes! I've already broken even and if I convert one more movie I'll have come out ahead.

You can see that it's a great deal since you'll be saving hundreds of dollars by being able to watch the movies and TV shows you already own on your Zune or Zune HD instead of having to purchase them again in a Zune compatible format.

A Zune DVD Converter is a must-have for any Zune owner. Download it today!

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