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Zune FAQ

Have a Zune question? Check out our Zune FAQ for the answer...

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Zune Games

My Zune came with 5 Zune games. I've seen more games on places like Zune boards. Where can I find more official and safe Zune games?

Zune HD

Is the Zune HD better than the latest iPod Touch?

Does the Zune HD support Youtube?

Zune Pass

How good is the quality of Zune pass music? Is it CD quality?

Zune Marketplace

What are Microsoft Points? How are they different from Zune Pass Credits?

Zune Movies

Where can I find free Zune movie downloads?

Zune Software

What's new in the latest Zune software release (version 4.0)?

I just installed the version 4.0 update of the Zune software and now my computer doesn't recognize my Zune. Help!


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