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Zune front panel glass cracked but the LCD works

by Humberto
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I dropped my Zune today at work on the ceramic tiles which put a crack in my Zune front panel glass. (I have a 16 GB flash Zune).

I can still view all the information on the screen, colours, pictures and everything as if it was brand new, but that crack in the screen is making my obsessive compulsive disorder go crazy! I can't stop staring at it!!!

Does the LCD screen have a protective window? Or do I need to replace the whole LCD even though it works perfectly?

Microsoft's Zune support told me it would cost $80 over the phone and to me it makes no sense paying that much when I can get a new one for a little more.

Do you repair them? Or do you know of any reputable place I can go to in Toronto, Canada?

Had I bought an iPod I could go almost anywhere to get it fixed but most of these places don't deal with Zune.



I can understand your frustration and the good news is that you can save money by replacing just the front panel glass on your Zune. You don't have to replace the LCD if still works perfectly.

You can buy the front panel glass Zune part from Rapid Repair here for $19.99. I would recommend adding the professional installation for an additional $19.99.

Also, to avoid breaking any part of your Zune in the future it's a good idea of invest in a protective case. They're really cheap and will save you a lot of money (not to mention frustration) in the long run. You can find some inexpensive yet stylish Zune cases here.

Wishing your Zune a speedy recovery!


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