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My Zune came with 5 Zune games. I've seen more games on places like Zune boards. Where can I find more official and safe Zune games?


Sorry, but the 5 games you have are the only supported Zune games published by Microsoft - Hexic, Texas Hold 'Em, Sudoku, Space Battle and Checkers.

Gaming support on older Zunes (anything before the Zune HD) is limited. There is no easy way to install any third party developed games on your Zune (but it's possible).

There are many unofficial Zune games available on various forums like Zune boards that you can download and install on your Zune. But beware! These games are created by hobbyists and tend to be of low quality.

My personal experience is that they hang and crash the Zune frequently. I also downloaded a virus once! Thanksfully, I was running anti-virus software that caught it before my PC was infected.

Now if you have a Zune HD, the gaming story is quite the opposite. The Zune HD supports installation of games from the Zune Marketplace. With the Zune HD release, seven games are already published. These games are available for the Zune HD only. More games will continue to be added regularly.

These games are of high quality and support touch which adds another dimension to game play. The Zune HD hardware is capable of runnng 3D games. So we might see some of those in the future.

The Zune HD is the Zune to own if you are serious about gaming.

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