The Zune Gear Bag

Load up all your Zune gear and take it with you!

The Zune gear bag is designed to keep your Zune and accessories all neatly organized and in one place.

I like it neat and tidy. And the fact that I know where to find any cable when I need it.

Zune Gear Bag
Zune Gear Bag

Note that it was designed for the 30GB Zune and the v1 Zune accessories. The newer Zune players and accessories are smaller and so they don't fit perfectly. But the fit is good enough.

And the fact that it was designed for the older Zune actually works in our favor. It's practically being given away for free now. This bag originally retailed for $30. But as I write this, it's available for $1 on! At that price it's a steal!

The bag itself is more like a case given that it has relatively hard sides. It's made of a tough, woven material that will resist scratches and dents. The zipper looks very durable and has a black rubber handle with the Zune logo. You know your Zune will be well protected when it's in this bag.

I've heard several people describe it saying that it looks like a shaving kit. I've never owned a shaving kit. But if I had to guess, this is probably what it would look like.

Inside it's divided into two compartments.

Zune Gear Bag - Zune Compartment Here you can see my Zune 8 lodged in the Zune compartment of the gear bag. There is a lot of space around it but the elastic band holds it in place.

On one side there are two form fitted spaces. The larger space is for the Zune. It has an elastic band to keep the Zune in place. As well as prevent it from falling out when you open the bag.

This space is designed for the 30GB Zune which is much larger than my 8GB Zune. However it still works just fine for my Zune. The elastic band keeps it from falling out. And while it will move from side to side, the padded compartment prevents it from getting damaged.

If you have an 80GB or 120GB Zune, it should fit quite nicely. It should fit even if you have it lodged in a protective case.

The smaller space is designed to perfectly fit the v1 Zune headphones in their plastic case. But this space is large enough that you can easily use it for something else. It is a great place for headphones if they fit. It is covered with flexible netting that will keep them in place.

Zune Gear Bag - Cable Compartment Here is a view of the compartment on the other side. You can see the slit in the netting meant for inserting all your cables and other misc. stuff. You can also see my Zune charger on the far right.

On the other side there is one large space also covered with netting. There is a slit in the center through which you can insert your gear. You can pretty much put whatever you like here. This is great for storing your Zune sync cable, remote, charger and other A/V cables. The netting will hold your stuff in place and prevent it from sliding around or falling out.

There is a low ridge on this side which is designed to hold the v1 Zune charger. But this doesn't stop you from using it for storing whatever you like.

Zune Gear Bag - Separator Here you can see the separator which divides both sides of the Zune gear bag. It prevents contents on each side from touching each other and keeps everything firmly in place.

Both sides are separated by a semi-hard separator which prevents any cable ends from possibly scratching your Zune. It also helps to keeps things in place if the Zune gear bag is shaken which will happen during a flight.

The biggest drawback of this storage case is it's bulk. It's a little too bulky to conveniently carry with you when you travel. At the same time the bulk gives you space to carry the rest of your accessories with you. But a smaller bag would have been a little nicer. Especially for a traveler who packs light, like me.

If you are considering the Zune gear bag also be sure to check out the Zune travel pack. You get the Zune gear bag along with several other accessories at a great price.

Overall, I recommend the Zune gear bag mainly because of the price. It's a great deal!

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