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by Braedy Rhinehart
(Oklahoma City)

I got a Zune HD for Christmas and I love it! But all my freinds have iPod Touches and i love all the iPod games.

The Zune doesn't have good games. I'm planning on returning my Zune HD. When will we see a Facebook App and a Youtube App?

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If apps are your thing, I'm sorry but you got the wrong media player. At least for now. The iPod Touch is the way to go if you want lots and lots of great apps. The Zune HD will probably get there but not for a long time.

Microsoft has not announced any timeline for the Facebook app. It was supposed to be released late last year but we still haven't see it.

As for a Youtube app, there has been no mention of it so no one knows if or when we'll see one.

The Zune HD's main strength is it's music subscription service called the Zune pass. For $14.99 a month you get unlimited music downloads. And you get to keep 10 songs each month. Have your friends with iPod Touches top that!

Before you return your Zune HD you should sign up for a free 14-day trial of the Zune pass and show it off to your friends. They are going to wish they had Zune HDs! :)

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