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Zune HD AV Dock
Watch 720p HD video on your TV

The Zune HD AV Dock is a must-have accessory if you wish to make full use of the HD capabilities of your Zune HD.

720p HD Video

Zune HD AV Dock
The Zune HD is the first digital media player on the market that touts HD capability. This is possible due to the fact that it is powered by NVidia's Tegra chip, the most advanced mobile computing processor available.

HD radio is built into the Zune HD and you do not require any optional accessories to hear it.

The Zune HD is also natively capable of processing HD encoded video. However, it's OLED screen cannot display true HD video and the video is downscaled by it's processor.

In order to watch true HD quality video played via your Zune HD you need—
  1. An external HDTV and
  2. A Zune HD AV dock

This optional accessory is required if you wish to watch the HD video on your Zune HD in true 720p HD. This includes the HD movies that you can rent or buy from the Zune Marketplace.


The video output quality from this Zune dock is top-notch. The picture is clean and crisp. The Zune HD has no trouble sending enough frames per second to your TV due to the powerful processor at it's core.

Since video is being rendered from flash memory instead of a blu-ray disc, there is no possibility of any skipping or glitches. Customers who have purchased this dock are very happy with the HD video output of this dock.

When you connect your Zune HD to your HDTV through this dock, you'll be able to see the Zune menu on your HDTV. Not all menu items are available. You'll see the Music, Video, Pictures, Radio and Podcast menus.

A wireless remote is included which allows you to conveniently navigate through this menu while sitting in the comfort of your favorite chair or couch.

The Zune HD AV dock also allows you to connect your Zune HD with your home stereo system and listen to not only your music but also the HD radio through your home speakers.

The dock includes a built-in FM and HD radio antenna so chances are radio will sound better through the dock than when played directly through your Zune HD. This is an improvement over the older Zune AV dock which did not include an antenna.

Note that you cannot browse the internet on your TV via your Zune HD.

This dock is backwards compatible with legacy Zune MP3 players. Composite audio and video cables are included which will allow you to watch 480i standard definition video on your TV.

You can also use these cables with your Zune HD to watch standard definition video. This is handy to connect to TVs that may not have an HDMI input.

What's Included

This accessory includes—
  • A docking station which doubles as a sync dock that you can use to charge as well as sync your Zune HD when it's connected to your PC via USB cable.
  • A USB to AC adapter. This dock requires an external power source to operate.
  • An HDMI cable, composite audio and video cables as well as a sync cable.
  • A wireless remote.
  • Three inserts which allow you to use this dock with legacy Zune MP3 players.
  • A TOSLINK optical cable output. You can use an optical fiber cable to connect to your HDTV instead of the included HDMI cable. The optical fiber cable is not included.


This highly rated Zune accessory is a must-have for anyone serious about fully making use of the HD video capabilities of their Zune HD.

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