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Zune HD Case — Incipio EDGE

The EDGE Zune HD case from Incipio Technologies provides state of the art case protection with a sliding design.

50/50 Slider

Incipio EDGE
A common complaint with many cases like the dermaSHOT is that it is hard to put it on the Zune HD. And once you put in on, it's difficult to remove.

And while cases are designed such that most functionality does not require removal, once in a while you might need to remove it from the case.

The EDGE case attempts to solve this issue by providing a 50/50 sliding design.

Instead of struggling to get your player into the case, it's as simple as sliding off the top. Just place your Zune HD into the bottom half and slide the top back on. That's it!

Body Protection

The EDGE case is very thin. At 1 mm maximum thickness it's not as thin as the Feather, but thinner than the dermaSHOT.

It's made of a high-density polycarbonate material just like the Feather. The exterior hard shell provides excellent scratch protection. The interior is lined with rubber to provide shock absorption in the case of a fall.

You have easy access to all controls and functionality when your Zune HD is in this case.

Screen Protection

The case does not cover the screen, but a screen protector is included. Apply the screen protector using a plastic card.

The screen protector does not inhibit any of the touch functionality of the screen. For optimal viewing experience make sure no air bubbles get trapped under the screen protector.

Included Accessories

All cases for the Zune HD from Incipio come with some handy bonus accessories, including the EDGE. Keep your screen free of smudges by cleaning it with the included soft cloth.

And a video stand is included for hands-free horizontal viewing. Great for those long flights where you want to use your Zune HD as a portable DVD player!


The Incipio EDGE is available in 2 colors: black and magenta. You have fewer color options with the EDGE case as compared to the other cases from Incipio.

Zune HD Case: Incipio EDGE (Black) Black
Zune HD Case: Incipio EDGE (Magenta) Magenta


The EDGE is yet another Zune HD case offering from Incipio, the premier case manufacturer for portable electronic devices.

The sliding design attempts to address case insertion issues without compromising the top notch protection we're used to from Incipio cases.

Package includes:
  • Incipio NGP case
  • One screen protector
  • A soft cloth for cleaning the screen
  • A movie stand

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