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Zune HD Case — Incipio underGROUND

The Incipio underGROUND Zune HD case is a felt textured pouch, providing excellent protection against scratches and dings.

Urban and Stylish

The underGROUND is the only case option from Incipio that is cloth based instead of being made out of silicone or polycarbonate. The look is described as "urban" and "stylish".

Body Protection

The Incipio underGROUND is a high quality handmade/stitched pouch. The interior is lined with premium soft suede for superior protection against scratches and dings.

The top right corner has a diagonal flap with a snap button that keeps the device securely in the case when not in use. Contrast color stitching around the edges gives it rugged look.

Screen Protection

This case is different from other Incipio cases since it does not leave the screen exposed. With this case a screen protector is not needed.

However, the flip side is that this means you must remove your Zune HD from the case whenever you want to use it. Consider this case more like a wallet or cover for your Zune HD.

Included Accessories

No additional accessories are included with this case. We'll especially miss the hands-free viewing stand that other Incipio cases include.

This case is backed by a lifetime warranty.


The underGROUND is available in only one color, charcoal gray.

Zune HD Case: Incipio underGROUND (Charcoal Gray) Charcoal Gray


The Incipio underGROUND provides great scratch protection with a hip look. However, it does require that you remove the device from the case when in use.

Also, since it's a soft case it won't provide drop protection like some of the hard shell cases like the Feather or the NGP. But it is slightly cheaper than most other cases.

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