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Zune HD Case — Incipio Feather

If you're in the market for a inobtrusive yet functional Zune HD case, Incipio "Feather" is exactly what you're looking for.

Body Protection

Zune HD Case Incipio Feather
A heavily padded case is going to add significant bulk to your Zune HD. Usually bulk is required to provide any decent protection.

However, Incipio has come out with a very cool case that provides protection without adding bulk. The Zune HD Incipio Feather case keeps your Zune HD looking sleek and cool. The way it's meant to be.

The Incipio Feather case is exactly that, light as a feather! With a thickness measuring only 1mm, you can hardly tell that it's covered with a case. It's ultra-thin.

But this doesn't mean that protection is compromised. The Incipio Feather Zune HD case is made of an ultra-strong polymer that's able to provide superior protection without adding bulk.

The case feels great in your hand. It is smooth and velvety to the touch and has a matte finish.

Screen Protection

The case is open from the front so your screen is fully exposed. A screen protector is included to protect the front of your Zune HD.

Make sure to follow instructions and apply the screen protector very carefully using a plastic card so that no air bubbles get left under the screen.

Extra Bonus Items

A couple of other handy items are also included with this case.

You get a soft cloth for cleaning the screen and a plastic stand that can be used to prop the Zune HD upright horizontally for hands-free movie viewing.


The Incipio feather case is available in 4 cool colors: black, midnight blue, molina red and magenta.

Zune HD Case: Incipio Feather (Black) Black
Zune HD Case: Incipio Feather (Blue) Midnight Blue
Zune HD Case: Incipio Feather (Red) Molina Red
Zune HD Case: Incipio Feather (Magenta) Magenta


With this Zune HD case Incipio has delivered a great product that provides decent protection while at the same time complementing the Zune HD's look and feel.

This product is perfect for protection against dings, scratches and the occasional minor fall. However, if you're looking for top of the line protection from drops then you might have to look elsewhere.

Package includes:
  • Incipio feather case
  • One screen protector
  • A soft cloth for cleaning the screen
  • A movie stand
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