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Zune HD Colors

The 7 Zune HD colors are: silver, black, blue, red, green, purple and magenta.

Note that even though the Zune HD is available in 7 colors, if you want to buy any color other than silver or black you'll have to go to Zune Originals.

Why is this significant?

Because, at you'll have to pay full price. A 16GB Zune HD will run you $219 while a 32GB model costs $289. Plus shipping and tax!

Or you can buy a black Zune HD 16GB or a platinum Zune HD 32GB from for a significant discount.

Both qualify for free shipping and no tax.

I have no idea why the other colors are not widely available. But is it worth it to pay extra just for a color? Especially if the discounted colors look great (which they do).

Hopefully this will change in the future. But till then, visit Zune Originals if you want a blue, red, green, purple or magenta Zune HD.

Also, you can buy a silver 16GB Zune HD or a black 32GB Zune HD only from Zune Originals.

Now, in contrast the iPod Touch is available only in silver. At least the Zune HD has options!

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