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Zune HD DLO Hip Case

The Zune HD DLO hip case is exactly that, "hip" in both style and function. This makes it the most popular Zune HD case.

You can be sure of excellent protection without compromising style when your Zune HD is in this case.

Leather Case

This Zune HD case from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters is made of leather, giving it that "hip" look and feel.

The case has a slim form factor and does not add a lot of additional bulk to your device. It keeps your Zune HD looking sleek.

Body Protection

The cover is padded to provide extra protection just in case you drop your device. When the flip top cover is closed, the Zune HD is protected from all sides ensuring superior body protection.

The top cover is held in place by a magnet instead of an ugly snap button. This keeps the case's profile sleek.

Openings in the case provide easy access to all connectors and ports. This means you can operate your Zune HD without removing it from the case. However, if you want to use the optional Zune HD docking station you will have to remove it from the case.

Screen Protection

The interior of this Zune HD DLO case is lined with a soft fabric, making sure your screen is well protected from scratches.

Since the screen is covered by the flip top when the case is closed, you do not need to purchase an additional screen protector. A screen protector is not included with this case but may be purchased separately.


This case is available only in a black leather option.

Zune HD DLO Hip Case (Black Leather) Black Leather

Included Bonuses

The flip top cover has a hidden pocket inside. This pocket can fit an ID, credit card or a bit of cash.

This case has a belt clip that you can use to attach it to the waist of your pants or to a pocket to ensure it does not fall—another reason why this case is called the "hip" case.


The Zune HD DLO hip case is the perfect choice for the stylish Zune HD owner who wants great protection, great looks and does not want to spend a ton of money.

And for this reason it's the most popular Zune HD case.

Best price on the DLO Hip Case

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