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Zune HD Docking Station
Combine this Zune HD Dock with the Zune HD AV Power Pack to watch HD Video

The Zune HD docking station gives you a convenient way to charge and sync your Zune HD.

Convenient Charge and Sync

Zune HD Docking Station
If you wish to charge your Zune HD or refresh it's content you would normally take the sync cable that came with it and plug it into a USB port on your PC. Then you would take the other end and connect it to your Zune HD. Your Zune HD will probably be lying somewhere on your desk.

Sounds like a mess or a hassle?

It can be. Keep everything neat and tidy with a Zune HD Dock. You can permanently keep your dock connected to your PC. Anytime you wish to charge or sync your Zune HD you would just put it into the dock and you're all set. No more messes!

What's Included

This dock includes half of the contents of the package you would normally get when you buy the Zune HD AV dock, for about half the price.

You get —
  • The Zune HD dock.
  • Three inserts for backwards compatibility with older Zune MP3 players.
  • A wireless remote.

Watch HD Video

Zune HD AV Power Pack
This dock is the exact same dock that's included as part of the more expensive Zune HD AV dock accessory. So you can use it to watch 720p HD video on your HDTV if you supply the missing pieces.

What's missing are the cables you need to connect the dock to your HDTV. The AV dock comes with an HDMI cable as well as composite audio and video cables. You'll really need just one of these types of cables, preferably the HDMI cable. The component video cable will allow you to watch only standard definition video at 480i.

The Zune HD docking station also has a optical output so you can use an optical fiber cable instead of an HDMI cable.

You'll also need a way to power the dock. Use a Zune AC adapter or alternatively if your HDTV has a USB port you can power the dock using the included sync cable.

The Zune HD AV Power Pack accessory provides a convenient way to get all the missing pieces that come with the Zune HD AV Dock like the HDMI and composite AV cables as well as the AC adapter.

Alternatively, you can save some money by purchasing these accessories individually.

Or save yourself all the trouble by purchasing the Zune HD AV Dock and get everything you need to watch HD video in a single package. Learn more about the features of the Zune HD AV Dock here.

Best price on the Zune HD AV Power Pack


The Zune HD Sync Dock is an excellent docking station and can also be a cheaper alternative to the Zune HD AV Dock if you supply the missing cables.

Best price on the Zune HD Sync Dock

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