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Zune HD Radio Explained

Zune HD Radio explained — Learn all about the HD radio included with the Zune HD.

What is HD Radio?

The Zune HD radio is upgraded to support not only AM and FM stations, but also HD radio stations. If you haven't listened to HD radio before, you're in for a surprise.


"Ever wished you could get the same quality of sound from your radio as you do from your CD? Or that your radio signal didn't fade out just when you wanted to listen to the game? Now you can. Get the kind of sound that was previously reserved for your HDTV, CD system or MP3 player. Get it on your radio. And get it for free!"

Here is a simulation of HD radio so you can hear what it sounds like.

That's HD radio for you. And it's included with your Zune HD. These tips will get you started rocking out to HD radio on your Zune HD.

Zune HD & HD Radio

HD radio is available in most metropolitan areas in the United States. But it's not yet available in Canada. Use this handy guide to find HD radio stations in your area.

Not all FM stations have HD broadcasts. On the flip side, some FM stations have multiple HD radio broadcasts. You'll know if you see an HD1, HD2 etc. under the station. Touching the HD1 or HD2 symbol will allow you to listen to that particular broadcast.

The included earbud headphones also have a built-in antenna. So you may get better reception using them then with other after-market headphones. The Zune HD AV Dock accessory also includes a built-in radio antenna.

How will you know if you're tuned to an HD radio station? Well, aside from the crystal clear CD quality sound you should see an HD symbol. The brightness indicates the strength of the signal. So a brighter symbol means the station is stronger.

When you discover a station you like, add it to your presets. The circle icon with the plus sign at the top left allows you to add the current station to your presets for easy retrieval later. You can also remove it from your presets by toggling the icon.

Some stations broadcast the song information. So if you can see the title of the song you're currently listening to, you can also purchase it from the Zune Marketplace. Or download it for free if you have a Zune pass. If you see a small shopping cart icon at the bottom right, then touching it will add it to your cart for later download.


The Zune HD is one of the few portable media players on the market to offer HD radio. These tips will help you make the most of your Zune HD radio.

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