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Zune HD Buying Guide
Zune HD 16GB & 32GB Players

Are you thinking about buying a Zune HD? Not sure whether you should get an iPod Touch instead? What's the difference between the two anyways?

The resources on this page will get you started on your quest for the perfect digital media player.


The Zune HD is available in 2 models. They are identical except in capacity.

Learn more about the Zune HD 16GB and the Zune HD 32GB.

And read the Zune HD specs here. We've created a convenient side-by-side comparison with the iPod Touch that's color coded so you can easily see the differences.

When it comes to buying a digital media player you would think that choosing a color would be the least of your problems, right? Well, it's not. Learn more about the Zune HD colors here.

Still confused? Check out this FAQ article - Is the Zune HD better than the iPod Touch? It's spells out the difference in practical terms. We've received a ton of great feedback that it's helped a lot of people decide between the two.


Reviews are a critical part of the buying process. After all, whose going to buy a product with bad reviews?

Read World of Zune's very own Zune HD review.

And here is a list of several Zune HD reviews from your fellow World of Zune visitors. You can also add your own review to this page. Pay it forward by helping others with your own Zune HD experience!


If you'd like to buy a Zune HD, here you'll find the top 3 retailers where to buy Zune HD players online. We've done the research so you don't have to. You're not going to find a better price anywhere. Guaranteed!

And here is some additional information about where to find the best price on a Zune HD.

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