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Zune Marketplace in Canada

by Sam

How can I get the Zune Marketplace to work in Canada?

I bought a Zune HD 16GB from Tiger Direct, Canada.
I cannot get the Zune Marketplace working or download any apps.

Is there a workaround? I changed my regional settings to USA but it still knows I am from Canada. How can I fix this?


Hi Sam,

I don't live in Canada so I wasn't aware of that the Zune Marketplace is blocked in Canada. How frustrating!

The regional settings hack you used apparently no longer works with the new Zune software 4.0. At install time the Zune software detects your location (perhaps based on the regional settings or IP address) and disables the Zune Marketplace at that time.

The good news is there is a new hack to get the Zune Marketplace to work with the Zune software 4.0. The registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Zune\FeaturesOverride allows you to re-enable the missing features.

Follow these steps —

  1. Download this text file.

  2. Rename the extension from .txt to .reg

  3. Double-click the file and the entries should get imported into your PC's registry.

  4. Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable doing this (since registry files are dangerous) you can just open the file with notepad and create the entries by hand.

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