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Featured Zune Music — Empire of the Sun

Zune Music: Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun
World of Zune music recommendation (genre: pop) — Empire of the Sun

Australia's Empire of the Sun is described as an "electro-glam-pop" duo and is probably like nothing you've heard before. Or at least not in recent times.

Combining Village People like costumes (but cooler), Bee-Gees falsettos and amazing electronic rhythms, this band really stands out from most pop music you'll hear nowadays.

Empire of the Sun is Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. The band took their name from title of the J.G. Ballard novel of the same name. They mention Phoenix and Daft Punk as influences, but you can be sure that they have their own unique sound.

Their album Walking on a Dream is one of the most played albums in the Zune Marketplace in the new wave sub-category under rock; and for very good reason. Once you start listening to the opening track Standing on the Shore, you are not going to stop.

This album went platinum in their native Australia and is described by the musicians as a "spiritual road movie". The 2009 special edition contains several cool bonus remixes worth checking out.

Standout tracks include Standing on the shore and the title track Walking on a Dream. Empire of the Sun is not going to appeal for everyone. But if it appeals to you, you'll be glad you checked them out. You can get more information and check out the full track listing here.

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