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Featured Zune Music — The Whip

The Whip
The Whip
World of Zune music recommendation (genre: electronic) — The Whip

The Whip is a dance-rock act from Manchester, England and is composed of Danny Saville, Bruce Carter, Lil Fee and Nathan Sudders.

After being a member of the indie electronic scene for a couple of years their debut album X Marks Destination released in 2008. It's an amazing blend of cool electronic beats and blazing rock rhythms. The 2009 re-release includes several cool bonus remixes.

The Whip was featured as a Zune ignition artist and as soon as you listen to the beats of the opening track Trash, you'll know why.

If we had to come up with a "sounds like" comparison, we would have to go with fellow Manchester band and electronic rock icons New Order. The Whip sounds like the "new" New Order. Just take a listen to the song Frustration and you might just think you're listening to a New Order album.

But the Whip is far from a New Order copycat. They have their own distinctive style which shows in songs like FireYou can get more information and check out the full track listing here.

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