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Owning a Zune HD is the first step to discovering a whole new world of music! The Zune HD is the only portable media player designed keeping new music discoverability front and center.

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Why, getting a Zune pass, of course! The Zune pass is the key which unlocks access to millions of songs in the Zune Marketplace, with new songs added daily.

For $14.99 a month, you have unlimited to access to all the Zune music you can consume plus you get to keep 10 songs a month. Now that's a great deal! Sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

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Have you come across some awesome music in the Zune Marketplace? Share it!

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  • You can recommend an artist or an album, or even a single song.

  • Tell us a little bit about the artist and what you like about him/her/them.

  • Feel free to upload a photo of the band!

  • For relatively unknown artists a comparison with more mainstream artists will give readers an idea of what they sound like.

Other Visitors Music Recommendations

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DreamLab Not rated yet
Want to know what's storming the World of Zune playlists right now? It's DreamLab ! DreamLab is a Christian dance outfit, melding killer electronic …

"Night Train" by Keane Not rated yet
Night Train is the new release from multi-platinum British piano-rock bank Keane. If you like Keane's earlier releases, you're going to love this …

OceanLab - Sirens of the Sea Remixed Not rated yet
Ok, we can't keep this one a secret any longer. After months of continuous play on our Zunes, it just refuses to leave and make way for new music! OceanLab's …

"Electronic Architecture" by Solarstone Not rated yet
Dance/trance DJ Solarstone's latest release Electronic Architecture is an incredible journey through electronica—full of great beats and lush …

"Rocket" by Goldfrapp Not rated yet
British electronic artist Allison Goldfrapp recently released a new single called Rocket which caught our attention at World of Zune. Backed …

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Other Music Blogs

Need some more music recommendations? Check out these music blogs...

ReGen Magazine
The premier online destination for Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Electronic and Alternative music. A World of Zune favorite!

Ilictronix is a world-wide community of several thousand music geeks. A small writing staff provides tracks frequently, and attempts to educate the people on electronic music.

We're here to snatch indie cred away from elitist snobs by getting the word out to as many people as possible about the entertainment we dig that maybe not so many consumers know about. An educated populace equals less indie cred. Make sense? Randomville. Killing indie reader at a time.

Heroes of Indie Music
At "Heroes of Indie Music" we are all about artists putting out quality work who likely have minimal or no label representation. The styles showcased are typically alternative, folk, or instrumental. We sometimes delve into international and even pop or country. Media, in the form of video, photos and links are important to describing an artist. We love to find free albums, concerts and songs to share with our readers. Come join our family and share your recommendations.

Jazz Corner
Largest portal of jazz musicians' websites, the only video uploading and sharing of jazz videos, award-winning podcasts, JazzCorner jukebox, forums and so much more.

Indiependent Music
Music blog based out of Singapore - Your daily serving of music news fresh from the tiny red dot.

Revolution Rock
Revolution Rock is an informative blog that provdes band profiles and download links to a radio show of the same name on CJAM radio. The show focuses on 60's Garage Rock, 70's Punk/New Wave, Alternative and new music that is within those genres.

TooKnown's WellKnowns
Where you can come and find some of the greatest talent that forms the underground/indie music scene. Were located now, in Orlando, but we come from the South. We post artists from FL all the way to Canada and back down to CA. We do post mainstream stuff as well, but for the most part we focus on the struggle and excitement of the underground and everyone apart of it. If you think you have what it takes, send something through, and if you want any particular song out, we most likely have it, ENJOY!

Digital Reggae
More than 700 digital reggae albums from singers to dj's from the mid 80's till the late 90's. Great old school blogspot.

FmGT is a Brooklyn, NY-based music blog. They obsess over a variety of tracks - new and old, left and right, salty and sweet - and spread it like wildfire-butter. Not specializing in a particular genre: you'll find Downtempo gems, Funk booty-shakers, Rock ballads, Electro bangers, Soul classics, Chipmusic squelchers and more.

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