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Zune pass on a new computer

by Kaylee
(Bristol VA)

I currently have a Zune pass and use it with my Zune 80gb on my moms laptop, which sucks! Is there any way I can transfer my account and my music to my dads computer without losing my songs and still recognize my Zune pass and not be logged in his computer as a visitor? Also when I get my laptop for college in 4 months can I transfer it again?


Absolutely! A Zune pass will allow you to download music on three separate computers at a time. This means you can use it with your moms laptop, dads computer as well as your new laptop all at the same time.

All you have to do is install the Zune software on any computer with which you wish to connect your Zune. Then log in using your Zune pass account. You can then associate your Zune with your Zune pass on the new computer.

To do this go to Settings -> Device -> Sync Options and click "Change Sync Relationship". This will give you the option to link your Zune account to your Zune player.

Note that you can't actually transfer music from one computer to the other but instead you can download it again on the new computer.

Also you can deregister one computer every 30 days so if you no longer plan on using your moms laptop, you might as well deregister it. You can do this by going to Settings -> Computers and Devices and then clicking "Remove" besides the computer you no longer wish to use.


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