Setember 2009 Zune Pass Picks

Here are World of Zune's monthly Zune pass picks for September 2009.

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No.ArtistSongAlbumNisheth's Notes
1.We the KingsHeaven Can WaitHeaven Can Wait (Single)New release from We the Kings. Very catchy!
2.Metro StationSeventeen ForeverMetro StationMetro Station has been around for 2 years, but I just discovered them. They're awesome! If you haven't heard Metro Station, they sound like "Hot Fuzz"-esque The Killers. (And if you haven't heard of the Killers, god help you.)
3.Simply RedGo Now (Trance Vocal)Go Now (6-Track Maxi-Single)I love the trance mixes of Simply Red's songs.
4.Owl CityHello SeattleOcean EyesOwl City has been storming the Zune electronic charts. Ocean Eyes is an excellent release and "Hello Seattle" is representative of the rest of the songs on this album. Take Death Cab for Cutie, strip away guitars and drums and place them on a backdrop of bubbling electronics and you get Owl City. (Wait, did I just describe the Postal Service?) Vocalist Adam Young sounds exactly like Ben Gibbard to me.
5.MewRepeaterbeaterNo More Stories...Danish indie rock band Mew is a new discovery for me this month - a reason why you should subscribe to the Zune rock channel. This album might just have the longest title I've ever seen.
6.Infected MushroomArtilleryVicious DeliciousThis song is nothing like any other Infected Mushroom song I've heard. It's a great mix of hard techno beats, crunching guitars and rapped vocals. Definitely worth checking out.
7All That RemainsTwo WeeksOvercomeIf you've been dying for something that really rocks, I mean REALLY ROCKS, you won't be disappointed with this song from metal band All That Remains.
8.All Time LowDamned If I do ya (Damned If I Don't) [P.v. Stump Remix]Damned If I Do Ya (2-Track Single)New release from pop-punk band All Time Low. This remix gives it a nice twist.
9.Lady GaGaPoker FaceThe FameI'm embarrassed to admit this, but can you believe I just discovered Lady Gaga? I heard of the song "Just Dance" but never really knew who the artist was. Better late than never - if you're looking for music for your next party, this is it!
10.Dead Weather60 Feet Tall (Album Version)HorehoundThis song from Jack White's latest effort escaped the August picks even though I heard it last month. But I just couldn't let it go and it winds up in this month's picks. Great modern rock sound.

I hope you enjoyed this month's Zune pass picks as much as I enjoyed compiling them!

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