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October 2009 Zune Pass Picks

Welcome to World of Zune's  October 2009 Zune Pass picks. I heard a lot of great music this month so I'm proud to present the 10 tracks that made the final cut.

I've updated the format, hopefully you like it better than the one I used last month.

Hope you enjoy what you hear and tell me what you think!

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Here they are in no particular order...

  1. Bang! by The Raveonettes

    Danish shoegazer rock band The Raveonettes released "In and Out of Control" in October, and it's the best album I've heard this month. It's one of the few albums where every song is great. Bang! is probably the most catchy song on the album. It's the album opener and a great way to open the October 2009 Zune pass picks.

  2. Chelsea by Summer Set

    And since we are on the topic of catchy songs, you can't beat Chelsea by Summer Set when it comes to catchiness. This song was offered as a free download from the Zune Marketplace. Score!

  3. Howl by Florence and the Machine

    Florence and the Machine is a new female fronted rock band from London and Howl is a great song from their album "Lungs" -- effectively mixing piano and  haunting vocals, this song has somewhat of an 80's feel.

  4. Dogs Unleashed by Tokio Hotel

    They're not Japanese and they don't live in a hotel (we'll maybe when they're touring). Tokio Hotel is a teenage band from Germany blending emo vocals, rock and electronics. Most of the songs on their album "Humanoid" are more rock oriented, but Dogs Unleashed is one of the more dance-y tracks - it sounds more like Depeche Mode! I'm looking forward to more great releases from this band.

  5. 1901 by Phoenix

    I'm not going to hide that I'm partial to European bands, but Phoenix (from France) makes the cut through sheer merit. I swear it has nothing to do with where they're from! 1901 is a great retro-rock song, as good as anything The Killers could produce. And that's a big compliment coming from me.

  6. Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups

    Silversun Pickups is a L.A. band and has been around since 2005 but is just starting to get popular. This is another rock band with a female lead vocalist. Amazing vocals and amazing guitar on this song - you'll love this one!

  7. Calling All Stations by Skindred

    I'm just going to quote the Zune Marketplace verbatim when describing this U.K. band since I won't be able to do it any better -- "Skindred blend reggae and dancehall with searing thrash and punk influences for a striking take on heavy metal hybridism". Ok, that might be a fancy way to describe rap-rock, but this band is no Limp Bizkit. Calling All Stations is my favorite song on this album, check it out!

  8. When The Sun Rose Again by Alice in Chains

    Iconic grunge-metal band Alice in Chains is back with their first real album in over 10 years, "Black Gives Way to Blue". When The Sun Rose Again is a great track off of this album featuring a tribal rhythm and a new vocalist that sounds like original Chains vocalist Layne Staley. Most of the tracks on this album are good, Private Hell being another one of my other favorites.

  9. Deep South by Cartel

    Modern Rock (read emo-pop) Atlanta band Cartel have a new release called "Cycles" and Deep South is a great track off this release. Full of hooks and a punchy guitar driven sound, this one is not going to get out of your head anytime soon. (See, not all my picks are European!)

  10. Uprising by Muse

    Muse caught my attention a long time ago when I heard they sounded like Radiohead, but their sound never really appealed to me. That is until I heard Uprising off of their latest release "The Resistance". Great song! And the vocalist does sound like Thom Yorke. I'm going to have to give Muse a second chance after hearing this song -- it's great stuff!

Till next month...

Keep on listening to your Zune pass!

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