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Zune Premium Earphones

The Zune premium earphones v2 are excellent noise reducing headphones for your Zune or MP3 player, with a unique look and feel.

In Ear Headphones

Zune Premium Earphones
These headphones have an in-ear design. To wear them you push them into your ear. This creates a seal which acts as a noise isolation layer to block out most external noise.

Not only does this let you hear your music more clearly, it also protects your ears since you can keep the volume lower and still hear your music. A high volume can lead to hearing loss over time.

The Zune premium headphones v2 provide excellent sound quality for the price. They produce superior bass response, crisp highs and great balance. The "liquidy" sound you'll hear is very difficult to find among budget headphones.

These headphones are noise isolating and should not be confused with "noise canceling" headphones which employ a technology to actually cancel outside noise to provide the best possible listening experience.

Unique Look and Feel

These headphones have a unique design you won't find in other headphones on the market.

A major problem with the first generation of Zune premium headphones was excessive kinking of the wires. In this version, they've solved this problem by adding fabric covering on the wires.

They look somewhat like thin bungy cables. This makes them look special and gets them noticed. A movable wire splitter can be used to keep the wires together when not in use. Non-Zune owners like to use these headphones for other MP3 players too.

Another unique feature of these headphones are the magnetic earbuds. This allows them to stick together and provides easy storage while going a step further to prevent kinks in the wires.

Also, if you want to listen to these headphones in only one ear, you can conveniently attach the second earbud to the one in your ear so it does not dangle and come in the way.


These headphones include 3 different sized earpieces. Experiment with them to see which one provides the most optimal fit. This is important not only for comfort but also to make sure they don't fall out of your ear and provide maximum sound isolation.

A lightweight storage pouch is included for storage of the headphones when they are not in use. The pouch has a magnetic closure.


The major disadvantage is that the rough fabric texture of the wires can cause disturbance. Some customers have complained that the cord rubbing against clothes can make a noise which interferes with the music. This can be a problem during exercise or activities that involve a lot of movement.


The Zune premium earphones v2 are a significant improvement over the Zune premium headphones v1 and provide a great music experience for the price.

Their unique look and feel make them standout among the headphone crowd. This makes them a popular choice among noise-canceling headphones.

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