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Zune software won't detect hardware

by Mike
(Alden, NY, USA)

A coworker sold me an older model 30 GB Zune. I personally saw him use it and it worked perfectly fine for him.

However, when I got home I fought for hours getting the Zune software to install. After finally getting it installed I found the software wouldn't detect the hardware. I searched every FAQ and helpline on the net and followed instructions the the letter to no avail.

In the device manager I see Zune under portable devices. The driver is the correct 4.0.622.0. When I click on Zune I get this message...

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

I tried deleting and reloading the driver. It doesn't work.

I followed your instructions on this page

Step one keeps leading me in circles. I cannot do step 2 because the Zune software won't recognize the hardware.

I also tried re-formating the Zune. Now it won't let me do anything else with it until it is connected to the software. Everything I try leads me in circles.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for providing such a detailed explanation of your problem. I can't even imagine how frustrated you must be at this point! I hope we can get your Zune working again.

The device manager error you list above indicates one thing for sure. The Zune device driver is either not installed correctly or it is corrupt. This page here describes the error and recommends reinstalling the driver. Search for code 39 to see more details.

Now you mentioned that you tried re-installing the driver and it didn't work. What exactly happened? Are you receiving an error message? Or are you just not able to uninstall it?

Also, which operating system are you running?

See if this works for you.

1. Disconnect your Zune.
2. Go to C:\Program Files\Zune\Drivers\Zune.
3. Find the Zune.inf file.
4. Right-click this file and select "Install".
5. After it installs, restart your computer just to be safe.
6. After it restarts, launch your Zune software.
7. Connect your Zune to your PC at this point.

What happens? Please come back and tell us using the comments on this page.

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Feb 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

I tried there first with no help. I actually took the Zune and ran over it with my truck today. I probably should have sold it but It made me feel good. I bought an iPod this afternoon and it works just fine. It baffles me how apple can make a device that works better on Microsoft software than Microsoft can.

Either way I would like to thank you for trying to help me. I do appreciate it.


Jan 30, 2010
Try the Zune Forums
by: World of Zune

I'm sorry to hear that. I would recommended checking in the Zune forums to see if someone else has had the problem you are facing. They have a forum specifically for software problems.

Click to go to the Zune Forums

Jan 29, 2010
no cigar
by: Mike


I went to the website and found my error 39. It directed me to the bottom of the page.

I followed the steps.

I clicked start, right clicked computer, clicked properties.

I clicked device manager

Scanned for hardware changes

and found zune under portable devices.

I then right clicked zune and clicked uninstall.

I right clicked zune and then properties then the driver tab and then update driver.

I clicked search automatically for updated drivers.

A window popped up that said "please wait while windows is searching for drivers". After a short time It switched to "please wait while windoes is installing drivers"

After a short minute another window popped up that read

"There was a problem installing this hardware.
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39)

It was like a stab to the heart. I thought for sure this was giong to work after it said it was installing.

I went back to look at the drivers as you requested although they are exactly the same as what I previously posted.

Jan 27, 2010
Corrupt Zune Driver
by: World of Zune

Hi Mike,

Thanks for providing the detailed information of the files in your Zune folder. I did a comparison with the files I see on my 32-bit PC (it's Vista but I think the files should be the same) and I noticed more files than what you have listed (specifically Zune.inf, ZuneRegUtil.dll and ZuneTcp2Udp.dll).

This confirms that your driver installation is corrupt and we need to fix that first. (There may be other issues as well).

I found this great article on Microsoft's support site which should be helpful. It describes the error that you are seeing and there are specific steps in the Typical troubleshooting section at the bottom for uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

Please try this and see what happens. Please also see if you find the missing files now in that directory and post an updated list of files.

Jan 27, 2010
by: Mike

I went to C:\Program Files\Zune\Drivers\Zune.

There is no Zune.inf file.

I did find the following files:

Zune security catalog
Zune setup Information

To answer your questions.

My OS is Windows XP Home edition Version 2002 Service pack 3

I was trying to reinstall the driver though the device manager. I get a message that says

Cannot continue the hardware update wizard.
The wizard could not find a better match for your hadware than the software you currently have installed.

If I deleted the drivers beforehand and then reinstalled the drivers again it would load, but I would end up right where I started.

I even tried erasing every shred of the zune software off of my computer and downloading it all over again (a complete nightmare). With no success.

BTW thank you for helping me. I greatly appreciate it. It is a shame that Microsoft doesn't do much in customer support.

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