10 Reasons To Download The Zune Software

The Zune Software by Microsoft is much more than a media player. It is the ultimate media experience! Much better than Windows Media Player. Much better than iTunes.

Click here to download the Zune Software and see for yourself what everyone is raving about!

[Update] On September 15, 2009 Microsoft released version 4.0 of the software which includes two more slick features - quickplay and smart DJ.

I just love the look and feel of the software!

Zune Software

Stark white in contrast with colorful album art. So sleek. So sexy.

The animations and transitions are fluid and display a certain grace. Like an Olympic figure skater gliding effortlessly on the ice.

You can just imagine it dancing with the music.

I'm still not sure if it's a work of art or software!

Zune Software Now Playing

Just check out this now playing screen. It builds a beautiful collage of album art from your collection. [After a while, the playlist portion in the bottom right corner will fade away leaving just the collage.]

If I'm not careful I could spend more time looking at it than listening to my music!

Ok, enough about looks. The Zune Software is not just pretty, it's functional as well.

Still need an excuse to download the Zune Software? Here's 10...

1. Talk to your Zune

I'm going to assume that since you are thinking about the Zune Software, you have recently bought a Zune. Or are considering buying one.

Of course you can use it even if you don't own a Zune.

But it's the only way you can communicate with your Zune. You'll use it to sync all your media with your Zune.

Want to make sure your Zune is always up to date? You can set it up to automatically sync all your content.

Or manually choose which content you would like to sync to your Zune. After all, if you are like me you may not have enough space on your Zune to fit everything!

2. Manage your Music

You'll use the software to manage your music collection and play music.

Automatic folder monitoring allows the software to discover any new music on your computer. Without you having to worry about adding it each time you download or rip new music.

Don't you just hate it when the ID3 tags on songs you've downloaded are wrong or missing? The software can automatically fix the metadata for you so you can be sure they are always accurate!

You can slice and dice your collection in several different ways - by genre, by artist, by album, by songs or by playlists.

And of course, it is a great music player with all the features you've come to expect from one!

3. Watch your Videos

Yes, it can play videos too!

As well as organize your video collection by type - music video, movie, tv show or just a general video.

4. Enjoy your Pictures

You can use the Zune Software to manage your photo collection.

It organizes photos by folder. And it has great slideshow functionality.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your photos!

Note that it is not a photo editor. So if you want to edit your photos you'll still need another photo editing software.

5. Subscribe to Podcasts

Keep up to date with your favorite podcasts. You can subscribe to podcasts directly from the Zune Software.

By default it will download and keep only the latest 3 episodes of a subscription. This saves precious space on your computer. And saves your precious time from cleaning up old episodes. But you can change this to keep only 1 episode or all of them.

6. Play with Playlists

Yes, I know that all media players allow you to create playlists.

But what makes the Zune Software special are Autoplaylists. These are playlists that are randomly generated from your music collection.

You can add several filters so that it picks songs in a certain way.

Want only songs that you like? No problem. How about only songs that you've added in the last 10 days?

Or maybe just rock songs? Or maybe all songs except rock songs?

Limit to 10? Or limit to 100?

Arrange them randomly? Or by most played? Or by least played?

The sky's the limit! Go crazy!

7. Burn a CD

You can burn CDs too. Not just audio CDs but also data CDs/DVDs.

8. Discover Music with Mixview

Mixview is a great new feature that allows you to discover new music or people.

You can select mixview on a CD that you are listening to. The software goes and finds other stuff related to that CD.

It will show you related artists or artists influenced by the music you are listening to. It will find other CDs that you might like.

It also finds people in the Zune Social who are top listeners of the same music. You know you have great taste and now you can find others who share it. Possible new friends?

Zune Software Mixview

Here I'm listening to The Sound of the Smiths by, you guessed it, the Smiths! I've selected mixview.

It shows me that the Smiths were influenced by the Beatles. And it shows me a band called The Ukranians that were influenced by the Smiths.

It also finds Aztec Camera as a related artist and recommends their album Hard Land, Hard Rain.

New music for me to check out! Cool!

9. Search for it

The software has an awesome search function!

Let's say you are searching for 50 cent. Of course it searches your local media collection.

But it also brings back lots of goodies from the Zune Marketplace too! It shows you artists, albums, songs, playlists, tv shows and social members that have anything to do with 50 cent.

And with a Zune Pass, you have access to most of that content. How cool is that!

10. Rock your XBox

Last but not least...

If you have an XBox 360 and a wireless home network, sit down before you read this.


You can enable sharing with your XBox 360. Which means you can now stream your entire media collection to your XBox wirelessly. And if it's hooked up to your home theater system, get ready to rock the house!

Just remember to invite me to the party. Oh, and you might want to warn the neighbors first!

11. It's Free!

I know I was going to give you only 10 reasons, but you've been such a good reader that I'll throw in one more.

The price is just right, isn't it? Can't beat free!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to download it and start experiencing your media like never before!

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