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KICKER Zune Speaker Dock
Zune Speakers that Kick!

The KICKER Zune Speaker Dock really "kicks" with the most powerful sound you'll find among Zune speakers anywhere. It is fully compatible with all Zune models including the Zune HD.

About KICKER Audio

Oklahoma based KICKER Audio is an industry leader in manufacturing car audio speakers. Their motto is "Livin' Loud". They take pride in manufacturing the loudest speakers you'll find anywhere.

Famous for car audio, they have now ventured into the home audio market with their line of highly-rated iPod and Zune speaker docks.


KICKER Zune Speaker Dock
The KICKER ZK500 is designed to be the loudest digital portable system for the Zune. And they're not joking. The sound from this little thing will literally rattle your walls and break your neighbors windows. With a volume knob that goes from 0-40 it is a weapon to be handled with care.

This model features big, bumping speakers, 5-inch woofers and 40-watt stereo amplifiers which produce a crisp, clean sound at the highest volumes. It also includes a patent-pending 6-inch square reflex subwoofer that delivers thumping bass response without any distortion.

The sound will literally blow you away. Customers cannot believe how such a small boombox can produce so much sound. One customer even compared the sound of this dock to his $1000 Boston Acoustics speakers powered by a $500 amplifier. He found them "embarrassingly close". The sound quality is that good.

What's Included

In addition to the speaker dock, there are some cool bonuses included with this product.

The first is an infrared credit-card sized remote which allows you to completely control all Zune functions. In addition to standard operations like play, fast forward and rewind, you can access the Zune menu as well adjust the bass and treble. There is even a back button on this remote which is very handy.

The second is an auxiliary input. This allows you to connect other MP3 players or CD players to this dock so you can take advantage of these speakers with other devices as well. It works well as a speaker system for your laptop or desktop computer. You can also connect your Zune through the aux input if you choose.

Finally, adapters are included that provide a perfect fit for all Zune models.


Even though this dock is described as portable, it's portability is limited by the fact that it cannot operate on batteries. This is because batteries cannot provide enough power to drive the amplifier on this dock. Also, the handle is a slit in the back which is not very convenient if you have to carry it around.

It's also expensive. The KICKER ZK500 is the most expensive Zune speaker dock on the market. offers a great price on this dock giving a 30% discount off of MSRP.


The KICKER ZK500 is the highest quality and best sounding dock you'll find for your Zune. It's highly rated and will provide you with a mind-blowing audio experience if you're willing to pay the price.

Best price on the Kicker ZK500

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