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Zlive Zune Speakers
A Budget Zune HD Speaker Dock

The Zlive Zune speakers and docking station offers a cheap speaker solution for the budget-conscious Zune owner. It is compatible with all Zune versions including the Zune HD.

However, you do get what you pay for. Please read this review to determine if this product is the right one for you.

About GPX

The Zlive Zune speaker dock is manufactured by GPX (Grand Prix Electronics), a brand of DPI (Digital Products, Inc.). DPI is based in St. Louis, Missouri and was originally known as Dick Proctor Imports, an importer of cheap electronics from China.

They've been around for a long time, starting in 1971. Over time, they expanded operations to design their own products and outsourced manufacturing them to China. They continue to offer budget electronic products that appeal to the cost-conscious consumer. Unfortunately the lower prices do mean a lower quality product.

Zlive NS108B

Zlive Zune Speakers
The Zlive NS108B is one of the cheapest Zune speaker docks on the market. It offers an alternative to the high-end KICKER Zune HD speaker dock, at a quarter of the price. Price is just about the only point where this dock is superior to other options.

The most important criteria for rating a speaker system is the sound. So how is it? Well, it's not the bold, booming, wall to wall filling, glass shattering sound you get with the KICKER. But it's not bad either. Treble and mid-range sounds are clear. The bass is present but not powerful. The sound does not distort even when you crank up the volume. The sound is sufficient for an office environment or anywhere you do not wish to disturb your neighbors.

These speakers include a docking station. It will charge your Zune while you are listening to it.

Also included is a 3.5 mm auxiliary input. This allows you to connect other MP3 players or portable CD players to this dock in addition to your Zune.

A full-featured remote is included which allows you to cycle through all Zune functions using the menu. A handy back button is also available on the remote.

In terms of features, you get a lot for your money. The following features are included with this dock which you will not find in the similar KICKER accessory.
  • 4 preset equalizer settings. However, the EQ settings are not labeled so you will pretty much have to use your ear to figure out which one sounds the best for the music you are listening to.
  • An RCA video output allows you to connect the dock to your TV and watch video powered through your Zune.
  • A digital LCD clock display with white backlight is also present. You can use AAA batteries to power the clock even when it's not connected to a power source. Note that the clock does not feature an alarm function so you can't use it to wake up to music.


This Zune HD speaker dock comes with a lot of features for a low price. As such it's a great value. However, there are a lot of complaints about the quality.

Customers have noted remotes not functioning, speakers dying, the clock not working, remote working from only a foot away and poor sound. Many units stopped functioning after limited usage.

The warranty requires you to ship it back to the manufacturer in Missouri. One customer complained that after he shipped it back, he never heard from the company again even after he confirmed delivery. Although other customers report good customer service.

All in all a poor quality product. In attempting to save some money, you might get more frustration than you bargained for.

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The Zlive Zune speaker dock is a cheap speaker set for your Zune, packed with tons of features that you won't find in more expensive docks. This makes it a very popular Zune accessory. However, it comes up short when measured on quality. Many customers are left frustrated and end up returning this dock in exchange for a higher quality, pricier option.

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