Zune Sync Cable - v1 or v2?

Your Zune's umbilical cord.

When you think about the Zune sync cable, you probably don't think of it as an accessory.

But the reality is that it is the most important accessory for your Zune. It is truly your Zune's umbilical cord.

Think about it. If you lose your sync cable your Zune is completely useless. You won't be able to load any music. And you can't charge it.

Also, the Zune charger requires a sync cable to do its job, but it doesn't come with one.

So it's a good idea to have a spare sync cable. I leave one at home and the other in the office so I don't have to keep lugging it around with me.

And if I lose one, then I have a spare and can survive until I order and receive a replacement. Imagine a week without your Zune. Now there's a scary thought!

Vital Statistics

We're talking about a cable here. Nothing fancy. So I'll keep it short and sweet.

It's 4 feet long. Long enough without being too long.

It's very sturdy. And the connectors come with caps to protect them from damage during travel.

v1 or v2?

If you are planning on buying a sync cable, you have the option of the newer v2 sync cable or the older v1 sync cable.

Zune Sync Cable v1
Zune Sync Cable v1

Zune Sync Cable v2
Zune Sync Cable v2

So what's the difference?

When it comes to functionality the v1 and v2 sync cables are identical.

Zune Sync Cable Comparison Here you can see the v1 and v2 sync cables side-by-side. Notice the v2 cable's connector is about 2/3rd smaller.

The only difference is in the size of the connectors. The v2 connectors are smaller and sleeker. Also, my v2 sync cable came with cool pink connector caps while my v1 sync cable has transparent caps.

Decision Time

Let's get down to brass tacks...

  • If you are looking for function, either cable will do the job. Buy the cheapest one. This is usually the v1 sync cable.

  • If you are looking for style, the v2 sync cable is the way to go.

Also look into...

Zune Travel Pack
Zune Travel Pack

Zune Starter Accessory Kit V2
Zune Starter Accessory Kit V2

  • The Zune travel pack - it includes the v1 sync cable with several other useful accessories in a convenient package at a great price.

  • The Zune accessory starter kit v2 - it includes the v2 sync cable along with two other chargers. Great for keeping your Zune playing on the go.

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