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Zune Video Store - Part 2 (Buying)

In part 1 of this article series I gave an overview of the all-new Zune video store that released with the version 4.0 Zune software update.

Here I'll walk you through the process of buying a video through the Zune software.

Later,  in part 3 we'll look into renting a Zune video.

The Buying Process

While it may be a challenge to find something you actually want to purchase (at least as of now), once you've found it, the rest of the process is as simple as 1-2-3 (and maybe 4).

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge video fan. I rarely watch a movie more than once (at least never on purpose) and almost never watch TV. (I'm all about music.) So it doesn't make sense for me to purchase videos. Instead I always rent.

But my 3 year old daughter is a huge fan of the Backyardigans, a series on Nick Jr. that for the life of us we can never figure out when it airs, if at all. (Ok, I'll admit that I like them too! They're adorable, how can you resist?) So I was excited to find 3 seasons of the Backyardigans, just ripe for the clicking! (Excited for my daughters sake, of course!)

I went through the buying process, purchasing the episode "Mission to Mars" and I've captured the screens along the way to walk you through it.

Ready? Let's get started...

Remember, you can click on any screenshot to enlarge it.

Step 1: Select your Video

The first step is to locate the video that you wish to buy. The Zune video store gives you an overall description of the TV series as well as a rating. Of course this is only useful if you are exploring unfamiliar videos.

Locating the video you wish to purchase

You can then drill down into various seasons. (If you are looking at movies, you will jump directly to this screen.) This will allow you to buy the entire season or episodes a-la-carte. 

Some episodes or movies are available in both SD and HD. In this case, only SD is available. You also have the option of previewing the video you would like to purchase before you fork over your hard earned cash (errr...points).

Selecting the videos you would like to purchase

Step 2: Buy your Video

If you click "Buy" you'll see the confirmation screen which will remind you of how many points you have and how many you'll be spending. You can see the declaimer that tells you there are no refunds for this purchase. So look before you click!

The confirmation screen

Step 3: Download your Video

That's it! Your video will now download to your PC. This could take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the video. An HD movie is quite large. I was downloading over Wi-Fi and it took "quite some time" for a TV episode to download -- that's a scientific measurement, by the way.

Downloading the video

You can continue to browse the Zune video store while your video (or videos) are downloading. At anytime you can go to the "Downloads" tab of the Zune software and check on the progress of the downloads.

The downloads tab

After the video finishes downloading, you'll find it in your collection under "Videos". You'll see a new "purchased" section if this is the first time you've bought something from the Zune video store.

The collection screen -- Videos section

Step 4: Sync your Video

The video you download will not auto-sync to your Zune, even if it's connected to your PC. However, syncing is a snap! You can sync it by right-clicking on the video and choosing the sync option.

Syncing to your Zune

That's all there is to the buying process. Next, I'll walk you through the rental process. It's brand new with the Zune 4.0 software.

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