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Zune won't get detected by the computer or charge

by Raunak
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

I recently received a Zune 30Gb and have being using it for the past two months or so. Once after the battery was depleted I plugged it in to charge however it just was'nt detected by the computer or charged.

The screen does'nt light up, the Zune software doesn't detect it, there isn't even an icon saying new hardware detected. Whether the player's plugged into the PC or not just doesn't make a difference.

The USB port is working and iv'e tried to connect it to other PC's as well but no luck there either. Whenever I try to turn it on it just shows the battery with an exclamation mark icon.

What exactly is wrong with it?


Hi Raunak,

The exclamation mark icon indicates your battery is dead. It could be that it's just not getting the power needed to charge through your USB port. If this is the case, try charging it using an external AC adapter.

If that doesn't work, most likely you'll need a new battery.

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Feb 07, 2010
Not necessarily
by: World of Zune

It's not necessarily the case that if the battery is dead it should still be detected by the computer. I know people have complained of this issue with the Zune 30GB.

Is your Zune 30GB brand new? Zune 30GB is a very old Zune model. I suspect your battery is dead and you need a replacement.

Feb 04, 2010
Didn't work
by: Raunak

I tried using an external adapter as well, that didn't work either. If the problem is with the battery even if it doesn't charge when its plugged into the computer at least it should be detected right? I mean usually even if the battery is dead and it's plugged in it gets detected by the Zune software.

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