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Zune won't unlock

by Deanna

My 120 GB Zune won't unlock. I can't do anything with it, it won't play.

It doesn't matter if I move the switch, it won't unlock. It was working fine earlier.


Hi Deanna,

This could be a hardware issue but without physically examining your device it would be impossible to tell.

Does your device turn on at all? Are you sure the battery is fully charged?

Try rebooting your Zune. You can reboot a 120GB Zune by pressing the back button and the top of the Zune pad at the same time. Hold these buttons until it reboots.

If none of these fix your problem, I recommend sending your device to Rapid Repair for a free diagnosis. You can find out how to do so here.

Good luck!

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Feb 17, 2010
Again! Frozen when locked!
by: Deanna

My stupid Zune is frozen in the locked mode again! This is really starting to make me mad and wish I bought an iPod! The Zune was on and playing fine, I went to switch songs and nope! Screwed! It is frozen in locked mode. I put it on lock while playing so it won't skip songs or go louder when in my pocket. Last time after an entire afternoon of being super annoyed it just fixed itself. It just happened again. It will not reboot cuz hello!!! it's locked! It won't do anything! And yes! The switch is pushed to unlock. I am so not impressed and feel I have completely wasted my money. I'm pretty sure I will never buy another Zune.

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